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Create an Item to sell on E-Bay

When I moved into my new house, I could not figure out which light switch turned on which light!  I looked on Amazon and E-Bay looking to purchase light switch labels.  There were few choices, but I could not find a set of labels that I liked.  So, with my husband’s help, I created my own light switch labels.

My labels are unique in that it tells you not only the location of the switch, but what item the switch is for. Although we call it a “light switch” , it turns out that the switches also turn on ceiling fans, exhaust fans and the garbage disposal.  So, it was important to identify two things on the label: “what it is” and “where it is”.

I thought there might be others looking for the same solution I needed.  I decided to sell it on E-Bay for $10.  I have sold about 40 sets of labels in one year.  It’s a sweet little gig that brings me a little pin money.

If you’re interested in purchasing my light switch labels, here is a Link to E-Bay


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