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Mystery Shopping, How to Make Serious Money Without Taking it Seriously

The best way to make serious money is to fully immerse yourself in this industry.  You can become certified, obtain a high shopper rating, be very loyal and consistent with chosen companies. But what if you want to make serious money but just do it casually?   Here is how I used to do it.

When I lived in WI, I worked for a mystery company that specialized in timing MacDonald’s restaurants.  Typically, the shopper pay was not very high.  You would earn $10, and get reimbursed for the food.  It’s not bad, but no one is getting rich.  However, I noticed that shopper pay would be high for more remote locations, and higher during certain times of the month.  I would keep at eye on these shops, and would strike when it got to be about $30.  This company got to know me very well.

I made my best deal when I was able to negotiate a 3 shop deal around Christmas time.  I had to shop three different MacDonalds, but I could map my route so that I could do it around the same time.  I hit one MacDonalds for a late breakfast, and two for an early lunch.  I made $150 for all three shops, and got a ton of free food.  You have to always evaluate both the dine-in and a drive-thru with each shop.  In case you’re wondering, I had to sample all the food.  Let’s just say after the second cheeseburger, I wasn’t loving it 🙂 .

Cliff notes:

  • Look for shops with remote locations
  • Watch the shopper pay climb with looming due dates ( Holidays, and storm seasons are the best)
  • Contact the mystery shopping company, and strike a deal
  • Since time is money, see if you can group your mystery shops


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